CCTV cameras can also be installed for safety, not just for security. Such cameras will be found in amusements parks, to make sure that no one is endangered when a ride starts, or on subway trains, to confirm that no person will be injured by the closing of the doors. Read More ยป

Network Design Consultants

IP Network Systems employ highly trained and experienced network design consultants. Our network design consultants can design or re-engineer a network infrastructure that provides the capacity, scalability, security, availability, manageability and serviceability required by today's most demanding applications.

The network design consultants will audit your network infrastructure and will advise you on where upgrades would be advisable, where bottlenecks are or are likely to be in the future, and where the network's security is at risk. Customers may want to utilise the latest technologies such as Voice over IP and Multimedia conferencing, however many legacy networks have limited support for Rich Media.

Our network consultancy services will assist you in the choice of new hardware where needed, appropriate Quality of Service implementations and all necessary steps to converge your data and voice infrastructures into a single network. IP Network Systems provide networking, infrastructure and technology solutions to SME and Corporate organisations.

We offer a consultative approach to technology and feature a wide range of services that will provide your business with greater productivity and efficient communication.